Art and Culture Blossom in Aruba: San Nicolas Hosts International Art Fair

SAN NICOLAS, ARUBA — The “One happy island” is adding another feather to its cap. This September, international and local art will illuminate the vibrant streets of San Nicolas, Aruba, during the highly anticipated return of the Aruba Art Fair from September 8-10.

In what is poised to be Aruba’s most artistically celebrated week of the year, San Nicolas will transform into a global arts hub, with its mural-adorned walls serving as backdrops to displays from international talents. Artists from the farthest corners of the world, including Fio Silva of Argentina, ChemiS of Kazakhstan, Bublegum from Spain, and Adry del Rocio Garcia from Mexico, will be adding to the city’s collection of over 60 murals. These artistically rich streets will pulsate with life through various performances, workshops, and a dazzling cultural parade.

For those keen on acquiring new skills, September 5 offers a golden opportunity. Esteemed artists will be sharing their mural techniques in hands-on workshops for attendees.

San Nicolas is not new to the world of art. The town, once recognized as the dwelling for international workers from the now-shut oil refinery, is presently experiencing a cultural rebirth. It stands as a testament to Aruba’s dedication to the arts, a journey that began in 2016 when a mural festival invited 15 global muralists to recast the city’s character through public art.

Situated a mere few hours from NYC and other East Coast cities, Aruba makes for a perfect getaway destination. The island, renowned for its white sandy beaches and clear blue waters, now also promises a cultural immersion unlike any other.

With a blend of sun, sand, and art, the Aruba Art Fair is undeniably a must-visit for East Coasters seeking an unparalleled travel experience. To ensure you don’t miss out on any of the artistic action, full details on the celebration are available.

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