Two Western Icons Collaborate on a Brave & Adventurous Drink Experience

Big Nose Kate®, the whiskey produced in Santa Fe known for its extraordinary blend of straight ryes and American single malt, has found its match in a beer specially crafted to complement its unique flavors. Matchless Brewing of Tumwater, WA has unveiled a special edition brew named “Brave & Adventurous Saloon Lager,” inspired by the whiskey’s iconic blend.

The beer features a unique mash bill of 35% Vienna, 18% Rye, and 47% Pilsner. The intention? To pair flawlessly with a shot of Big Nose Kate Whiskey. This creative collaboration revamps the classic boilermaker, offering a novel experience to enthusiasts of both beverages.

Mel Heim, the co-founder of Big Nose Kate, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “Matchless and Big Nose Kate share a common spirit of boundless creativity. Together, we’ve crafted a pairing that truly honors Kate’s spirit.”

The beer pays homage to Big Nose Kate herself, a pioneering woman of the Wild West, known for her resilience, independence, and entrepreneurial ventures. Similarly, each bottle of Big Nose Kate whiskey is labeled with the tag “A Brave and Adventurous Blend.”

Grant Bolt, president of Matchless Brewery, emphasized the delight in crafting a beer specifically designed to complement the flavors of BNK whiskey. He describes the Saloon Lager as a drink that accentuates the rye malt character of both beverages, yet provides a contrast with its lighter lager tones.

The dynamic duo of drinks can be found at over 70 saloons, pubs, bars, and watering holes across Washington and Oregon. To mark the collaboration’s debut, a celebratory event is slated at Portland’s Leisure Public House on August 31st, and at Thirsty Sasquatch in Vancouver, WA on September 6th. Both events will run from 5-9 pm.

Big Nose Kate whiskey, emanating from Santa Fe, New Mexico, holds a rich history intertwined with the wild tales of the Old West. This collaboration with Matchless Brewing only adds to the legend, promising to be a hit with both beer and whiskey enthusiasts alike.

For those looking to delve deeper into the West’s rich tapestry and taste a truly unique drink pairing, this Beer + A Shot collaboration is not to be missed.

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