Airplane Seat of the Future? Shocking new design squeezes more People on Planes

Would YOU fly in this shrinking airline cabin? A new report from CNN Travel shares how these double-decker airplane cabin concepts could be the future of flying.

The article features designs such as “the Chaise Longue Economy Seat is a striking reimagining of the economy cabin.”

With airline legroom already shrinking, this new technique could be a way for airlines to boost their cabin capacity – especially as high fuel prices send the costs associated with aviation skyrocketing.

Airlines have recently begun introducing new cabins in-between Business Class and Premium Economy. For example, United AIrlines has launched the “Premium Plus” cabin which provides slightly more leg room and meals. In the future, there is a possibility other airlines would also introduce similar cabins.

We will be closely watching if United, Delta, American Airlines, Singapore Airlines, or any other major airlines decide to take advantage of this new design.

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