New Year, New Journeys: Discover America’s Hidden Gems with American Queen Voyages


In a recent announcement, American Queen Voyages (AQV) has unveiled a series of new itineraries for 2024, promising a unique blend of adventure and luxury for travelers. As we step into the New Year, AQV is redefining the concept of New Year’s resolutions by offering voyages that are not just journeys but transformative experiences.

Varied and Unique Itineraries: AQV’s latest offerings range from five to thirteen-day expeditions, catering to a diverse array of interests and tastes. These journeys are crafted to take travelers through America’s heartland, exploring both well-known cities and hidden gems along its famous rivers. Additionally, AQV is extending its reach to the breathtaking Alaskan fjords, providing an opportunity to explore some of nature’s most pristine landscapes.

Adventure Meets Luxury: The voyages are designed to strike a perfect balance between adventure and relaxation. Onboard the AQV cruises, guests can experience a wide range of activities, from exploring the birthplace of baseball to delving into paranormal towns. The Ocean Victory expedition voyages offer intimate encounters with the stunning landscapes of British Columbia and Alaska. These trips are equipped with Zodiacs and kayaks, allowing guests to get up close with the earth’s largest mammals.

Focus on Wellness and Culinary Delights: AQV is also placing a significant emphasis on wellness and culinary experiences. The cruise line has designed shore excursions to elevate guests’ well-being, including challenging hikes, bike adventures, and river kayak rides. These activities are complemented by opportunities to indulge in locally sourced cuisine. A partnership with America’s Test Kitchen has further enhanced the culinary offerings on board, featuring recipes inspired by the destinations visited.

Educational and Experiential Journeys: In line with its commitment to offering enriching experiences, AQV provides a range of Experiential Voyages. These include Wine Cruises for aspiring sommeliers and Bourbon Cruises for spirit enthusiasts. Additionally, guests can participate in cooking classes and demonstrations led by Culinary Ambassador Regina Charboneau, offering a unique opportunity to learn new skills while traveling.

As American Queen Voyages continues to expand its offerings, these new itineraries for 2024 are set to provide travelers with unforgettable experiences, blending adventure, relaxation, and learning in a luxurious setting.

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