Experience the Best of Art, Music, and Virtual Reality at Montreal’s PHI Centre This Summer

Montreal is a must-visit destination for US travelers this summer, and if you’re planning a trip, don’t miss the opportunity to experience the immersive and innovative world of the PHI Centre. Located in the heart of the city, PHI is a multidisciplinary organization committed to future generations of art consumption, offering a panoramic perspective of radical ideas focused on collective experience, social impact, and audience interactivity.

As you plan your visit, take note of the captivating exhibitions and experiences available at PHI. On display until June 11, Figure-Ground is a free exhibition featuring a selection from PHI’s art collection, curated by Jon Knowles. Internationally renowned artists such as Bill Viola, David Altmejd, Theaster Gates, and Zanele Muholi are showcased, providing visitors with a unique glimpse into the world of contemporary art.

One of the most anticipated upcoming events at PHI is Chaos & Memories, an exhibition starting March 22. Composed of two parts, visitors can explore a dedicated space for virtual reality works and an immersive installation. Experience a selection of award-winning Taiwanese VR works, presented at the last Venice Biennale, and dive into a new installation that questions our relationship with nature, the environment, and its shifting landscapes.

In addition to exhibitions, the PHI Centre offers a rich lineup of music shows throughout the summer. With a variety of artists gracing the stage, including Milk & Bone, Debbie Friday, and U.S Girls, there’s something for every music lover to enjoy.

For those seeking a unique sonic experience, don’t miss the Habitat Sonore listening room, where you can discover sound in all its forms. The lineup features artists from Secret City Records, as well as sound bath and meditative pieces from James Benjamin and Debbie Doe.

To make the most of your summer trip to Montreal, be sure to visit the PHI Centre’s website for the latest information on events and concerts. With its eclectic programming and emphasis on content creation, the PHI Centre offers unexpected encounters between artists and audiences, making it a must-visit destination for anyone heading to Montreal this summer.

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