ChainFEST: A Revolutionary Culinary Extravaganza Celebrating Chain Food

A gastronomic revolution is set to tantalize taste buds this winter, as the City of Angels hosts the inaugural ChainFEST on December 1 and 2 at Nya Studios in Hollywood. This groundbreaking food festival, brought to life by the renowned LA-based pop-up, CHAIN, promises a culinary odyssey that celebrates and reinvents beloved dishes from popular chain restaurants.

Founded by actor-writer B.J. Novak and the illustrious Chef Tim Hollingsworth, CHAIN has quickly evolved into a sensational dining hotspot, boasting a waiting list of 20,000 eager food enthusiasts. ChainFEST, their latest venture, is a splendid homage to cherished chain restaurants, unveiling an array of exclusive and ingeniously reimagined dishes from iconic eateries like Chili’s® Grill and Bar, Dunkin’®, Jack in the Box™, Panda Express®, Pizza Hut®, Red Robin®, and SONIC® Drive-In.

ChainFEST is not just a food festival—it’s an extraordinary symphony of culture, nostalgia, and exquisite flavors, meticulously curated by the culinary wizardry of Chef Tim Hollingsworth. Hollingsworth’s rich experiences from Michelin-starred kitchens around the globe infuse a touch of extraordinary into the familiar, crafting a menu that is as innovative as it is comfortingly nostalgic.

In collaboration with beverage giants Pepsi™ and Diageo™, the festival is set to present an enchanting array of beverages and specialty cocktails, featuring illustrious brands like Guinness, Smirnoff, Crown Royal, and Captain Morgan. Postmates™ will enhance the experience further, offering on-site delivery services for a seamless culinary adventure.

Guests at ChainFEST will be welcomed into a realm where each bite is a celebration of the timeless and beloved essence of chain restaurants, seamlessly blended with a fresh wave of culinary artistry. A ticket to this unparalleled epicurean journey includes access to all the exclusive offerings, ensuring a day of boundless indulgence, fun, and delightful surprises.

The inception of ChainFEST reflects a heartfelt appreciation for the universal appeal and comforting allure of chain restaurant dishes, brought to the forefront of culinary innovation with an extraordinary touch. ChainFEST is not just an event; it is a landmark celebration that transcends the ordinary boundaries of dining, crafting unforgettable experiences that echo with the warmth of nostalgia and the thrill of discovery.

Tickets to this momentous celebration of chain cuisine are available for pre-sale, inviting food lovers to partake in a festival that promises a cascade of unforgettable flavors, memories, and culinary wonders. For more information and ticket details, visit, and stay updated with the latest news by following @eatatchain on social media.

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