Travel Creator Jaden Versluis releases new documentary about Iceland journey on YouTube

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Travel creator Jaden Versluis has just released a brand new documentary about his recent travels to Iceland on YouTube. The film, which is a raw vlog-style documentation of the journey, showcases the beauty of Iceland through the eyes of Versluis and the 10 strangers he met and road-tripped around the country with.

According to Versluis, creating this film was an absolute journey full of ups and downs. “I never met 7 of these people until the moment they stepped in the AirBnB with me but we all instantly connected. Travelling around Iceland was a once in a lifetime experience, we got to witness some of the most spots in this world,” he said.

The documentary will take viewers through each day of the 10-day trip, highlighting the different places they visited and the adventures they had. Versluis’s goal was to create a raw and authentic video that would allow people to experience what it was like to travel with people you’ve never met before.

“Iceland is the most beautiful country I’ve ever travelled to and I hope that this video inspires you to add Iceland to your travel plans for 2023!” he said. The documentary is now available for streaming on various platforms, including YouTube.

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