3 Tips for Booking a Trip to Hawaii

The Hawaiian Airlines are at the top of any traveller’s list, and are ‘must visit’ recommendations from Travel Today. Here are three quick tips to consider when booking your trip to Hawaii.

  1. Pick Your Islands – Many people will go to Hawaii and try to visit all of the islands in one trip. We do not recommend this approach as the relaxing vacation you are dreaming of may turn out to be more frustrating than peaceful. Pick one, two, or three (max) islands that you think will align with your vacation goals. If you are looking for more citylife, and shopping – choose Oahu for the Waikiki district. If you want to go hiking, consider exploring the big island of Hawaii and visiting Hilo.
  2. Ditch the Schedule – Part of the allure of visiting the Hawaiian islands is the magic and mystery you discover. Instead of building a itinerary for every minute, Travel Today recommends that you consider going on your trip with an open mind and schedule.
  3. Find Savings from Hawaiian Airlines – Hawaiian Airlines is Travel Today’s top choice for flying to and from Hawaii, as you get the Aloha spirit before you take off. You can view special deals and discounts from Hawaiian Airlines here

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