Should our Hotel work with Travel Influencers in 2023?

As the hospitality industry continues to adapt to the ever-changing world of digital marketing, many hoteliers are beginning to question whether or not they should work with travel influencers in the coming year. While there are certainly benefits to partnering with influencers, there are also some potential downsides to consider.

One of the main benefits of working with travel influencers is that they can help to increase brand awareness and drive bookings. Influencers often have large followings on social media, and by partnering with them, hotels can reach new audiences and generate buzz about their properties. Additionally, influencers can help to create content that is engaging and shareable, which can lead to more bookings and higher occupancy rates.

However, there are also some potential downsides to working with influencers. One of the main concerns is that influencers may not always be a good fit for a hotel’s brand. If an influencer’s personal style or values do not align with those of the hotel, it could lead to negative perceptions among potential guests. Additionally, influencers can be expensive to work with, and hotels may not always see a return on their investment.

Another potential concern is that many influencers are not true experts in their field. They may not have the experience and knowledge to accurately evaluate a hotel and provide an honest review of their stay. This could lead to fake or biased reviews which can be harmful to hotel’s reputation

In the end, whether or not a hotel should work with influencers in 2023 depends on a number of factors, including the hotel’s budget, goals, and target audience. While influencer marketing can be an effective way to drive bookings and increase brand awareness, hotels should be sure to carefully consider the potential downsides before making a decision.

It’s important for hotels to keep in mind that influencer marketing should be part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, not the sole focus. They should also look for influencers who have a genuine interest in the hotel and their brand. By carefully choosing the right influencers and setting clear expectations, hotels can leverage the power of influencer marketing to drive bookings and increase brand awareness in 2023.