There is a new King of Cocktails in the Northeast. Tucked along Exchange Street in Portland, Maine’s Old Port neighborhood, Blyth & Burrows is quickly earning the reputation for being the top cocktail bar in the region. The creative drinks, charm, and atmosphere of the interior compliment perfectly with the history that surrounds this Portland newcomer.

Travel Today recently had the opportunity to visit Blyth & Burrows for Sunday afternoon cocktails. It is the perfect pre-dinner addition to a trip you may have planned to Portland, Maine.

We sampled a variety of drinks including the the Marquess of Queensbury (gin with blueberry lavender shrub and hints of peychaud’s bitters) and the Prince of Brazil (plantation white rum with hints of coconut, lime, and pear). With most cocktails under $15, it makes a great add to a tour of Old Port.

Inside, the curated music selection and lighting add to the ambiance of Blyth & Burrows. We have full confidence they will be pouring to locals and visitors for many years to come. Enjoy!

Travel Today Rating: Best Cocktail Bar in Portland, Maine 2017 – Best Small Bites in Portland Maine, 2017

Visit Blyth & Burrows at 26 Exchange Street Portland, Maine 04101 – More information at

Photography provided by: Bonnie Durham Photography