We recently had the oppurtunity to visit Chef’s Club Counter – a new restaurant in New York City’s Soho neighborhood. This property is owned by the same owners as the popular Chef’s Club restaurant on Mulberry Street.

The inviting interior welcomes diners to a nostalgic 1950s style fast food diner.

The menu consists of some of the most hideous and disgusting food we have ever sampled. As an appetizer, we tried the walnut croissant. It is our opinion that the croissant lacked freshness. The main course was a plate of eggs, ricotta cheese, toast, and sausage. Honestly, in our opinion, the eggs were the most dreadful pieces of protein we have ever tried. The ricotta cheese smelled rotten. The toast was burnt. The sausage was mediocre. A fast food breakfast from Burger King would run laps around the disgusting meal that this restaurant served, in our opinion.

While we had high expectations for this restaurant, this experience left us with a bad taste in our mouth.

We provided Chef’s Club Counter the opportunity to correct these issues at the restaurant but they declined.