traveltodaytv cruz bay vacation tips st. john island st thomasEnjoy the stunning  beaches of St. John Island in the U.S. Virgin Islands – a relaxing getaway that is less than 4 hours from New York City. Travel Today explored the islands for a weekend. The outbound flight was operated by United Airlines and took off on time at 7:00 am on Friday morning, To get to St. John Island, you first fly through St. Thomas Island which is the main airport servicing the U.S. Virgin Islands.

When you land into St. Thomas – make sure to stop by the welcome center for a free welcome shot of the famous rum – which is distilled in St. Thomas. Delicious. Next, follow the signs for the taxi station where a 10 dollar taxi will take you to the Red Hookferry station, about 30 minutes on the opposite end of the island. The ferry service runs on the hour, and is a easy and pleasant way to journey to St. John Island.

Once on the ferry, you will be able to take stunning landscape photographs of the island from a far. The ferry ride only takes 20 minutes, and you arrive into the Cruz Bay dock on St. John. Our biggest mistake was not immediately renting a jeep, or even making a reservation for one. It is our recommendation to book a Jeep on the island well in advance – as they tend to sell out quickly. The rental rate is about 70.00 a day, including taxes.

Our accommodations were located on Hillcrest Street at the Hillcrest Guest House, St. John, US Virgin Islands- upon arriving, we were greeted by the owner of the charming bed and breakfast which provides beautiful views of the entire Cruz Bay area from its perch on top of a hill. The room was spacious and had a fully stocked fridge and minibar that was included in the room rate. The bed was extremely comfortable and the room was a perfect alternative to the more standard hotel accommodations on the island.

When visiting St. John island, there is a lot to see and do. We recommend taking a day trip in your Jeep driving the entire costal road, and pausing at each lookout point for a beautiful photo. A must-see for any adventure fan is the hike to Ram’s Head. It is about a 4 mile roundtrip hike, that will take you through two beaches (one sand, and one stone), and up a hill where you will have stunning views of the entire island.

There are many shopping and dining options on the island. We recommend having a drink on the beach at Beach Bar during the sunset, and breakfast at Jake’s. For fine dining, we had dinner at Zozo’s which was lackluster and generic. The portion sizes were small and underwhelming. The service was average.

Overall, our trip to St. John Island was a complete success. It was the perfect weekend getaway from a snowy cold weekend in New York City. We highly recommend it to any traveller.